The size of technical projects like power plants, process plants, infrastructure projects and buildings is constantly increasing. Their complexity is rising simultaneously because of growing requirements in technology, safety and efficiency as well as consideration of the cultural background. Consequently, project managers need to be trained excellently with respect to technical knowledge, business management and – as more and more frequently issues like shareholder management or risk management will come into focus – they need to be trained also in the field of business law. Moreover, they need to negotiate strategically display strategic skills in negotiations.. Due to the complexity it is impossible for a company to train enough employees from within its own ranks.

Handbook of Moduls

Specialists need to be qualified in a broad field ranging from solving complex engineering problems to project management. The master’s program “International Project Management in Systems Engineering” accounts for all of these requirements.

You can find more information on the homepage of the Institute of Process Machinery and Systems Engineering (iPAT).

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Plus: master thesis in 4th term