Project Course

In the scope of a three weeks’ course called project course, about 90 Master students are split into various small groups in order to design interdisciplinarily a plant for a chemical and/or biological process. The project course is carried out in cooperation with a partner from industry. On the part of the university Erlangen-Nuremberg the course is organised by all chairs of the Chemical and Biological Engineering as well as the Chair of Control Engineering and Automation. The student groups, supported by PhD students, focus each on a special part of the overall process. There is for example the process optimization concerning the mass and energy flux as well as the conversion and selectivity, the design-engineering aspects of the apparatuses and piping. Moreover, the heat consumption has to be minimized, the approval documents have to be written and the investment and operational costs have to be calculated. At the end of the project course, the groups’ results are presented within a concluding discussion with the industry partners.

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