Master’s Program

During the Master’s Program you extend/intensify your knowledge of technical science as well as of plant and process engineering. Additionally, you gain important non-technical skills like law, business economics, and project management. You can choose electives from a continuously updated catalogue offering you the possibility to specialize in interesting topics and build your own profile. Moreover, you can gain hands-on experience in project management during your internship and thanks to different projects in cooperation with companies. The highlight of the study is the summer school, which lasts one week. During your Master’s thesis you will work for six months on your own to solve a scientific problem.


Career prospects

The demand for specialists in project management as well as the plant size, the complexity, and the requirements in technology are growing continuously. In the future there will be demanded project managers with scientific as well as process-oriented and also intercultural as well as economical skills. Project managers who were trained interdisciplinary have outstanding career prospects. The offered salaries range in the top level of an engineer’s income. The call for those highly qualified graduates comes from industry itself. Prospective employers are medium-sized domestic companies as well as internationally operating large scale enterprises all over the world. You can start networking already during your studies in the course of projects, internships, discussion forums as well as the master’s thesis.