Welcome to the homepage of the Master’s program “International Project Management in Systems Engineering” (IPM)

What is “International Project Management in Systems Engineering”?

The design and construction of large process plants becomes more and more challenging due to increasing complexity. “International Project Management in Systems Engineering” is a program which combines technical knowledge of plant engineering with expertise in project management. With the aid of this fusion, IPM prepares graduates for successful project management and realization of large plants.

What are the tasks of a graduate of IPM?

  • Plant and apparatus engineering, planning, construction
  • Efficient use of raw materials, energy and financial resources
  • Project management
  • mediation between partners of different fields


Graduates can work in different lines of business, e.g., power plant technology, renewable energy industry as well as in all fields of process engineering or in infrastructure projects.





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The staff and students of the Institute of Process Machinery and Systems Engineering mourn the loss of their highly appreciated colleague and lecturer Dr. Michael Krenz (former coordinator of the IPM program), who passed away on May 26, 2021.

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The master's program International Project Management in Systems Engineering (MSc.) will be canceled in the summer semester 2018. For the summer semester 2018, no new students will be enrolled. The duly enrolled students of the master's program International Project Management in Systems Engin...